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Binigo Mo Ako, Lawton.
((I made this for my Filipino journal last semester. It’s fun.))
Drama…. Again.

So, I’m assuming that you guys already know about the drama between the Juan Directioners and the 1DPh? It was triggered by a tweet of Vida, one of the officers of the street team, yesterday. I didn’t know what happened. I actually had to do my own investigation because things got mixed up and I’m pretty sure there were some unnecessary changes in the stories. This drama between the 2 parties has been going on for how many months already. Actually, I think it has been going on for 2 years already but throughout the time, it got worse due to so many reasons.

I’m not siding anyone or any party here. I just want to say my opinions on this matter. I’m sure that you’ll agree with me when I say that things are getting out of hand. You can say whatever you want about this post but I’m going to be firm with my opinions since I’m going to say them as a third person for I don’t like being part of things I really don’t understand fully.

I’m going to admit that there was also a time when I didn’t like the street team for the same reasons that other Juan Directioners have. But after seeing their efforts, I realized that they weren’t so bad after all. Some Directioners say that they are brats and they brag that they’re rich. If you think about this, these reasons are actually irrational. I mean, if there’s such thing as mata-pobre, there’s also mata-mayaman. Guys, you don’t know them personally. You can’t judge a person based on her/his tweets and posts on social networking sites. Some of you, I’m sorry to say this, are jealous because they can buy the things they want without skipping snack times and whatnot. 

I agree that what Vida said was rude. I am friends with Vida on Facebook since last year, I think. I added her when she made her own version of One Thing and it was posted by the street team. Yes, what she said was very uncalled for but have you ever thought that what you also say on Twitter and Facebook are below the belt? You say that we need to think before we tweet. Wow, you lot are hypocrites. You don’t even think before you tweet because you let your emotions overcome you and that is a bad thing. You keep on hating Nina because of so many reasons that shouldn’t even be reasons for someone to be hated. You hate her because she met One Direction? How is that even an act of a mature person? You hate her because she’s rich? That’s jealousy. You hate her because she asked a question that isn’t about the Juan Directioners during the soundcheck of the boys? Wow. You seem so unappreciative. It makes me really sad that you people can’t be happy for her. Come on. Grow up.

I know you’ll just say that these aren’t the only reasons you hate her. I’m not even going to ask for your reasons. Hate on her if she did something that ruined your life or the life of someone you know. Or maybe if she has done something wrong that might ruin or country but she didn’t do anything. She just happens to be a rich One Direction/5SOS fan. And having that said, she just wanted to meet the boys and when she did, all you did was hate on her? Your letting your egos stop yourselves from accepting the truth and that is you guys are being immature. I have friends who side the street team and friends who side the Juan Directioners (or let us call them the public). I know their reasons and I respect them but that doesn’t mean that they’re right. Their opinions are their opinions but if these are used to hate on people who they don’t even know in person and who actually haven’t done anything wrong to them, then, they would be invalid. 

I’ve been observing the Juan Directioners from afar these past few months and I’m very disappointed with your behavior. I find it funny it’s okay if you guys hate on people (Don’t tell me that they are your opinions. Opinions are very different from hate.) but when those people hate on you, you call them names. Who made you kings today? Let me just say this: You are not cool. You are not being funny. And yes, you are, without any doubt, jerks who attack people without thinking. I’m sorry if you think it’s offensive and it isn’t true but it’s the truth. I admit I was jerk. Yes, past. But if calling you guys jerk makes me a jerk, so be it. If that makes me a bitch, okay. I’m a bitch. 

Stop acting like you’re the victims here. You are not. On the contrary, you are actually the suspects here. Don’t act like saints. Don’t jump on the bandwagon. Don’t act like you guys are perfect and you haven’t done anything wrong. You’ve crossed the line months ago and I’m actually impressed that the officers haven’t done anything serious about it and just brush the hate they’re getting off. There was an issue about Nina filing a case right? It was too much, I agree, but the hate she got was also too much. Her mother was just being a mother. You need to calm down. You exaggerate things most of the time and it’s actually annoying the shit out of me. The other officers are actually nice and yep, they can be rude sometimes but they’re doing their best. Yes, the “label” and “we’re the official street team” can be really annoying at times but why can’t you just brush it off? Are you jealous because you aren’t part of the team that is doing everything to get 1D to come here? Come on, people. You are better than this. What happened to the lovely people I met on Twitter? You letting your anger blind you. Please stop the hate. It’s getting way out of hand and don’t act like you’re innocent.

If you have a problem with this post, you are more than welcome to message me or tweet me on @edscuseme. Or better yet, meet me anywhere. You set the date and choose the place. I wouldn’t back down. It would be pretty nice to meet some of you. I am not looking for a fight or anything. I’m just stating my opinions. And yup, they’re opinions because I’m not hating on you guys. I’m just trying to say that you can be very immature at times. You made this drama very personal and you attacked Nina personally so yeah, yours (your “opinions” are hate). Going back to Vida’s tweet, she didn’t mention any name but don’t you find it funny that you reacted hastily? Natamaan ba kayo? You won’t react like this if the post didn’t affect you. The reaction the tweet got is just a proof that you’ve done something wrong. What happened was out of proportion and I’m waiting for the time that everything is finally okay.

This post is from a 17 year old student who has been in the fandom for 2 years already. I’ve seen the changes and I don’t like them. Hope you stop thinking that you are superior and just swallow your pride.

P.S. I didn’t edit this post because it’s too long so don’t mind the errors (if there are some).

Day 2 (30 Day Supernatural Challenge): Favorite Episode

I’d definitely go for Changing Channels! Not only because it was funny but also the episode was just amazing. The reason why Gabriel made them “act their roles” just gets me. It was a creative way of like waking Dean and Sam up and make them say yes to Lucifer and Michael (even though it failed). I also love the scene where Gabriel said that he wasn’t siding anyone and that Dean and Sam don’t know what they’re talking about when they say that Gabriel doesn’t care. It also made me realize that, indeed, happiest people are the most broken. And well, of course, I can’t deny that the ways Jared and Jensen act made me really happy. The parodies were really funny (really really funny!!! AHH!!!) especially the NCIS part. AND THE BUMPER MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD. I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH.


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Now it’s Cas’s family burning.

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Best show ever!
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Well fuck…    ;-;









Sam Winchester eats Jam.

Jam Winchester

Sam Winchester sends junk mail

Spam Winchester

Sam Winchester retains water

Dam Winchester

Sam Winchester has 3 finals tomorrow

Cram Winchester

Sam Winchester eats seafood.
Clam Winchester

Sam Winchester neglects his chlidren.

John Winchester.


you did not

What made you think that was okay

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I choose Dean. Don’t get me wrong. I love Sam but my choice is Dean. I love the fact that he always looks out for Sam and how he loves his family and friends. He has already made hard decisions in his life (losing Lisa and Ben included). He made a deal with a crossroad demon just to have Sam back. I love the fact that he’s family-oriented and he respects his father so much. He has sacrificed so many things for people. He is one selfless bastard. Like all he does is for everyone’s sake. He is so emotional and I just love those random times where he wants to give up because it just makes the character more realistic. Dean acts like this stupid jerk but whenever he makes references of shows or movies (and he has done that so many times already), I always smile like an idiot. I just love Dean so fucking much, okay?! AND DAMN, JENSEN’S LIPS AND EYES ARE TO FUCKING DIE FOR. (I’m sorry. My emotions always get me.)