The Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival is a film competition and festival that aims to encourage the creation of new cinematic works by Filipino filmmakers – works that boldly articulate and freely interpret the Filipino experience with fresh insight and artistic integrity. It also aims to invigorate the Philippine filmmaking by developing a new breed of Filipino filmmakers. (


The 9th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival opened with the showing of Baby Ruth Villarama’s Jazz in Love which presents a portrait of a couple very much in love.



My friend, Kim, asked me if I was free last Saturday and said we should watch a movie in CCP. At first, I was very hesitant. I was like, “Ha? May ano ba sa CCP?”. He just said that I’ll find out when we get there so I just accepted his proposition. He was with his former schoolmate, Reigno, who is now a Communication Arts student in UST. When we arrived there, they explained to me what the event was about. I know a thing or two about Cinemalaya but I admit that these things were not enough. They showed me the schedule and we ended up watching Purok 7 instead of Babagwa .


Purok 7 was cute but it really didn’t live up to my expectations. Yes, it made laugh and maybe I teared up a little bit but it wasn’t that great. I really don’t why.


After the movie, we decided to watch Porno but it was sold out too so we just went home.


On July 29, I went back to the CCP Complex to watch 2 movies again. At 6:30 pm, I watched Debosyon . I wasn’t able to see Paulo Avelino because obviously, I was late (the movie starts at 6:15 pm).


The thing is, I didn’t sleep last Sunday so I ended up sleeping in the theater. Not for the whole movie, though. Some parts were just dull and my eyes can’t just take them anymore. I can assure you that the last part would actually make you sweat profusely…. even though the AC is working just fine. (Mehehehe!)


Kim and I, at 9 pm, watched Nuwebe . Before the movie started, the director introduced the cast and crew. I saw some familiar faces but the face that I was actually looking for wasn’t there. Jake Cuenca wasn’t there and yes, I was kind of sad. Hahaha!



Among the 3 movies, I liked Nuwebe the most. May it be Jake Cuenca’s scenes (I’m not a big fan of him, just saying) or the little kid’s acting, the movie was great. The lines touched my heart and they made sense. I really loved the scenes with the kid. She’s a great actress. She has a bright future ahead of her, I can feel it. Well, I hope. Hahaha!



I actually really want to watch Amor Y Muerte . History is my thing and it seems like I would really have fun when I watch it but I don’t have free time now and the Cinemalaya will end this Sunday, August 4. Hope you can find some free time though, guys! It’s really worth it. There are many good movies this year. And to all the people behind this event, I wish you the best. More power!




You can see the list of the movies here .

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